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A VPN is a secure, encrypted connection between two networks, or between an individual user and a network. VPNs allow you to browse the Internet while maintaining your privacy.

Radmin VPN was created by the Russian company Famatech and was originally launched in 2016. This is considered to be their frontmost product as of yet. It is most often used by gamers for local gaming networks creation and remote PCs connected to each other through a firewall.

This is a completely free product that supports speeds up to 100 Mbps. The number of gaming networks is over 10 thousand. Tickets and the forum provide technical support for the product.

Radmin VPN Features

The main purpose of this solution is to provide business customers with the ability to establish secure connections on their network and support remote employees. With Radmin VPN, enterprises can easily connect apportioned teams. Radmin VPN provides users with the possibility to connect to remote PCs and it can even penetrate outer firewalls.

Since you are traveling for business or away from the office and need access to your data, Radmin VPN can help you connect from any place you are in, so you can have the access to all the data you need.

Radmin VPN allows teams to work as if they were connected to a local network. This function also makes it beneficial for gamers.

There is a possibility to integrate Radmin VPN with Radmin, Famatech’s flagship software created as a remote support product for IT professionals. Despite, Radmin VPN offers some solutions that might be beneficial for individual users, it is not considered to be the most useful product if you need a VPN to secure your internet traffic and overcome network restrictions. It can be used to set up local networks, but it is not a tool to ensure online privacy or to unblock popular apps.

Setting up a Radmin VPN local network is very simple:

  • Download the application itself.
  • Click on the create network button.
  • Tell your friends the name and password of the network.

Operating System Platforms and Devices

Radmin VPN is supported on Windows 7 and Windows 10. It can also be installed on Linux using Wine. For Mac, Radmin VPN does not exist, and it seems there are no plans to support other platforms, including mobile, routers, or browser extensions. In this case, you can only search for analogs.

How to Download the Free Version of Radmin VPN?

This version of VPN for games is free, so there are no hidden fees. You don’t need to look for how to download RadminVPN from torrent, crack, key, tablet, jailbreak, and more. You just need to go to the official website and download the latest version of the application absolutely legally.


If you want a VPN for gaming, Radmin VPN is the best solution to choose. You can play different types of games online. There is no restriction to the number of players, and the fast speed offered allows you to enjoy the game to the fullest, just as if you were playing on a local network.

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