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Board Portal Software for Complex Due DIligence provides an exceptional opportunity to get rid of paperwork within the company. This significantly reduces the time it takes to make a decision or sign an existing off-the-shelf solution.

How to Perform Complex Due Diligence and Trach Off Files?

Doing business involves entering into contractual relations not only with customers whose business reputation and financial capabilities have been tested over the years but also with suppliers, sellers, and landlords. Often profitable commercial offers are received from previously unknown companies, and it becomes necessary to complete transactions for the sale of real estate, shares, or other assets on the free market, suppliers, and contractors change.

Complex Due Diligence is a comprehensive analysis of the company's activities from the point of view of financial analysts, auditors, and lawyers, followed by the preparation for the customer of a detailed report on the state of the enterprise, possible risks, and recommendations to reduce them when making business decisions on:

  • sale/purchase of a company;
  • assessment of the investment attractiveness of the company;
  • public offering of securities on the stock market;
  • mergers and acquisitions;
  • creation of a joint venture;
  • commercial lending;
  • checking the reliability of your counterparty.

Conducting Due Diligence is an effective method of identifying and reducing risks in order to obtain high-quality protection of the interests of the parties to the transaction. It is based on a thorough analysis of internal documentation, tax, and financial reporting, taking into account the requirements of the law and current law enforcement practice. This procedure will increase the investment attractiveness of the transaction object for investors, potential buyers, and interested parties.

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How to Conduct Due Diligence with the Board Portal Software?

As a result of complex Due Diligence, Board Portals are being migrated to cloud file storage systems, which also include document scanning tools and built-in document storage features. As more and more people prefer electronic media or work exclusively in the cloud, online document storage can be a solution that will ensure that files are organized and accessed from anywhere.

It is highly recommended to use Board Portal Software for complex Due Diligence because of the following:

  1. Share the link via email or your favorite apps, and post the document on a website or corporate network.
  2. Make sure content stays private and not indexed by Google and is only available to specific people.
  3. Use offline images, high-quality documents or download interactive HTML5.

Board Portal is your portal for convenient organization of work. Here you can manage the individual components of the task, track progress and share with colleagues. On any card, you'll find a comprehensive system of checklists, due dates, attachments, discussions, and more. Some boardrooms provide an electronic signature option that can be done with the company's own verification through a mobile app. The necessary documentation will be signed even when the responsible person is absent from work.

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